• Competencies for Correctional Social Work. Specialized Knowledge and Skills for Effective Practice

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(Leon Holtzhausen holds a PhD in Criminal Justice Social Work. After graduating, he practised clinical social work in a super maximum prison where he specialised in offender profiling, assessment and correctional treatment of male adult and juvenile offenders and families. His research interests include crime, deviance and interpersonal violence.)


Social workers operating in the correctional services industry are faced with a unique set of circumstances, and needs to be adequately equipped in order to interact positively with individuals who may well have a range of personal problems, may be difficult to manage and who in some cases may be quite dangerous. In view of this, an important question, would be; “What special competencies should a correctional social worker have in order for him/her to assist the offender effectively and efficiently with the rehabilitation process?” This text offers a a conceptual framework with a number of specific training and developmental outcomes that could be utilized for the ongoing training and development of social workers employed in a correctional setting.

MATERIAS: Criminal Justice, Social Work, Specialized competencies