• Company Administration and Share issues. Share Transaction

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(Dr.Zahid Rafique obtained LL.B.(Hons) and LL.M. from University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh.Then, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Law has been conferred on him by University of Rajshahi under the research institute -Institute of Bangladesh Studies (IBS),University of Rajshahi in 2011.His research interest is in Company Law and Corporate Governance.)


This project contains the fundamental issues on prospectus, ultra vires and liability of officers in a company. It exposes the critical items on transfer of share to ferret out the pragmatic picture of share transaction. It extrapolates the shareholders' role to activate the functions in company as a whole.It further deals with the vital factors the activities of shareholder to examine the affairs of company.

MATERIAS: complexity, Share, Transfer, Ultra vires, Administration