• Case Studies in Troubled Construction Projects. Dispute resolution methods available in the construction industry

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Dmitriy Dubrovsky received a Bachelor of Arts with concentration in Economics from New College of Florida in 2004 and a Master of Science in Building Construction from University of Florida in 2010. He is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Real Estate from University of Florida, which he will realize in May of 2013.)


Due to the constant surge of technological progress, the complexities of construction projects have been increasing every year. There is a large amount of people and resources involved in each project, all working under great pressure to deliver the final product on time, within the budget and of acceptable quality. With this kind of stress, it is only a matter of time before mistakes occur which will cause disputes between the parties. There is a variety of dispute resolution methods available for use, the benchmark of which is litigation. While contractors largely accept mediation and its promise of lower costs and shorter duration, they are still reluctant to fully embrace it. This book, referencing actual construction claims, presents case studies of construction mediation and binding arbitration. The subject is to offer a study of the most common causes of disputes, present alternative dispute resolution methods and finally, to prove or disprove the idea that litigation remains the primary source of settling construction disputes.

MATERIAS: Mediation, construction, Dispute resolution, Litigation, Claims, arbitration.