• CARRIAGE OF GOODS BY SEA. The Legal Aspects of Seaworthiness current law and development

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Ahmad Hussam Kassem is Doctor of Law, obtained his PhD from Swansea University in 2007. He also hold LL.M in International Commercial Law from Nottingham University and BA in Law from Damascus University, Syria. His research centers upon Carriage of Goods by Sea and Marine Insurance. At the moment he is qualifying to practice as a Barrister.)


The book aims to Analyse the current legal approach to the carrier''s obligation of seaworthiness under Carriage of Goods by Sea due to the impact of such obligation on the stability of the shipping industry and its effect on reducing marine casualties. In addition, recent developments in the industry have had an affect on the carrier''s obligation. Therefore, it seems necessary to deal with the carrier''s obligation of seaworthiness under the current law and in the light of recent development.

MATERIAS: carriage of goods, shipping, seaworthiness, "Carrier Liability, ISM Code, ISPS code, New draft convention on Transport law