• Carbon Capture and Storage Projects Within Emissions Trading Systems. The Treatment of Carbon Credits Arising from Carbon Capture and Storage Projects

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(Sasha Russell received a B.A from the University of Alberta in 2001, a J.D. from the University of British Columbia in 2004 and a LL.M. from the University of Calgary in 2011. She specializes in environmental and energy law and is a practicing lawyer in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.)


Following the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol, a new global market for trading allowances to emit greenhouse gases, known as the carbon market, has emerged. As an alternative to a command and control penalty regime or carbon taxes, regulation of emissions is increasingly taking the form of emissions trading through cap and trade schemes. Many jurisdictions including the European Union, Alberta and New South Wales are adopting cap and trade systems as their preferred method of achieving reductions. Given this development, it is important to determine how carbon capture and storage, a popular mitigation technology, is accounted for within these systems.

MATERIAS: Environment, Environmental Law, International Environmental Law, Carbon Capture and Storage, emissions trading, Emissions Trading Systems, Carbon Credits