• An Integration of Law, Psychiatry and Psychology in SA. Constitutional, Medico-Legal and Ethical Issues in Psychiatry and Psychology

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(Prof Magdaleen Swanepoel holds the following qualifications: LLB (2003), LLM (2006) (Cum Laude) (Pret) and LLD (2009) (UNISA). She is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Jurisprudence,UNISA. She publishes extensively in the field of Medical Law and has presented papers on this topic nationally and internationally.)


The purpose of this thesis is to develop a comprehensive process for identifying and addressing primarily constitutional, medico-legal and liability issues, and in addition ethical, social and scientific issues related to the psychiatric and psychology professions in South Africa. In fulfilling this purpose, a comprehensive search is conducted of relevant historical, ethical, philosophical and clinical aspects pertaining to psychiatry and psychology, as well as an evaluation of the current juridical framework regarding the legal liability of the psychiatrist and psychologist balanced against the constitutional rights of the mentally disordered patient in South Africa.

MATERIAS: Law, psychology, Psychiatry, Human rights, Liability issues, mental
disorders, medico- legal issues