• Aggravated state responsibility and obligations erga omnes. The Concept “Obligations Erga omnes '''' and its relevance in the Law of State Responsibil

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(Mrs Sahakyan is a PhD candidate and a lecturer at Yerevan State University. She holds an L.LM in International Human Rights Law from University of Essex (UK). Mrs. Sahakyan has strong expertise and research interests in the areas of international human rights law, ECHR, public international law and criminal justice.)


The book integrates the analysis of the concept of “obligations erga omnes”, conceptualizes the relationship between the obligations erga omnes, norms jus cogens and international crimes, addresses the possible implications of newly introduced notions on human rights protection and examines to what extent obligations erga omnes and aggravated state responsibility correlate. The book also clarifies theoretical and practical aspects of special consequences derived from aggravated regime of state responsibility and addresses the issue of reparations arising from breaches of erga omnes obligations. The book is useful for the practitioners, academics and students, having interest in Public International Law and International Human Rights Protection.

MATERIAS: Erga omnes obligations, jus cogens, International Crimes, aggravated state responsibility, reparation for breaches of obligations erga omnes, nature of human rights commitments, actio popularis