• AGENCY & PARTNERSHIP: The Students’ Companion & Citizens' Manual. Essential of Law Series: Agency & Partnership

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(Barrister EFG Ajayi holds B.Sc. (Hons), MBA, LL B, M. Intl. Law, LL M and BL Degrees with 12 professional qualifications in Law, Marketing, Management, Shipping and Maritime Trade, practices as management consultant, barrister and solicitor; currently, a Senior Lecturer at School of Post Graduate Studies & Research, Kampala International University)


In real life rarely can a person do everything for himself, by so doing other people are employed to carry out activities, thus, a person or entity who do things on behalf of another is called an Agent. Scarcity of resources is an albatross to most individuals who have sound business or investment ideas but partnership makes it very easy for two or more people to pool resources together so as to assist in the execution of profitable ventures. This book is written primarily to meet the need of students in universities, other tertiary institutions and professional bodies offering Law as well as meet the legal needs of all persons who engage the services of others or who are engaged by others and those that are directly or otherwise connected with Agency and Partnerships businesses.