• Accidents in the Construction Site. Reasons and Effects

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(Zaherawati Zakaria is Senior Lecturer in the Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Kedah, where she was formerly Coordinator of Distance Learning and Off Campus of that university. She has a long standing interest in local government and political science and published numerous academic and professional in local and international publications.)


Every year, many people fall victim to injury, harm and even death through accidents on construction sites . These sites are rife with danger, can be resulted from a variety of causes. Accidents could stem from negligence of other site workers, inappropriate behavior of other site workers, defective machinery, mistakes and negligence caused by drinking or drugs taken.In many countries, occupational accidents represent a major problem in public health. This is usually involved with the situation that cannot be taken for granted at the workplace. With this serious scenario has also come a rise number of accidents in the need for martketing, and very limited academic literature on how to best determine the reasons and effects of accicents in the construction site. This book, therefore provides a guideline for the management in ensuring all the employees and employers are able to obey the rule OSHA. The analysis should help to create a safety and health enviroment for the workers and should be especially usefull for professionals and policy makers in creating the best practice in occupational safety and health in the workplace at large.

MATERIAS: Safety, Work safety, OSHA