• Access to Justice. The Problem of State-Guaranteed Free Legal Aid in Tajikistan

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Mrs. Galina Derevenchenko has obtained her LLM degree in International Human Rights Law in 2010. From 2003 to 2008 she worked at the Bureau on Human Rights and was responsible for the analysis of the human rights situation in Tajikistan and implementation of the UN HR Committees Recommendations. She authored a number of analytical publications.)


This right to free legal aid is guaranteed to everyone including those who cannot afford to cover expenses related to the legal assistance. The problem is more acute for the countries in transition such as Tajikistan where poverty and social exclusion are the most pressing issues.This work evaluates the situation with providing state guaranteed free legal aid in criminal and civil cases in the Republic of Tajikistan. Particular attention is paid to compliance of Tajik national legislation with the international standards in the field of rendering free legal assistance. The publication gives to the reader an opportunity to overview the general situation with rendering FLA in Tajikistan and also to focus on more specific problems of FLA. The author outlines the situation with the Bar, the process of the Bar reforms, legal profession and state expenses for FLA.

MATERIAS: access to justice, free legal aid, Tajikistan