• A Rights Based Approach to Reproductive Health in Zimbabwe. The Case of Adolescent Girls

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Patience Mutopo is currently a PhD Research Fellow with theCologne African Studies Centre, University of CologneGermany. Her research interests are the theory and practice ofhuman rights, gender, environmental governance and agriculturalcommodity chains. She is also a research associate with RuzivoTrust in Zimbabwe.)


This book investigates how the right to reproductivehealth amongst adolescent girls in Zimbabwe has beenconceptualised. The rights based approach todevelopment is adopted as the legal paradigm inattempting to analyse the legal complexities ofadolescent girls `s reproductive rights in Zimbabwe.The legal, political, economic and social dynamicssurrounding the understanding of reproductive humanrights of adolescent girls are fully explored, drawingattention to the role of culture, education andreligion in a complex society. The inquiry reflectshow the democratic genesis of reproductive rightsshould be understood using legal and non legalparameters that are emebedded in the language ofhuman rights.

MATERIAS: Internationalisierung, Human rights, Law