• A Handbook on business law. Legal issues guiding business operations

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Mbizi Rangarirai a holder of Mcom Finance (GZU)2012, MBA (MSU-2010), Bcom Economics (hons-MSU 2006), Born 1980 in Masvingo Zimbabwe, a lecturer of entrepreneurship at Chinhoyi University of Technology.)


The book covers legal principles governing the business environment. It starts by introducing the nature of law, different branches of law, a distinction between law and morals. It also looks at the law relating to contracts-what makes a contract valid and what makes it void as well as voidable. Next sections looks at laws governing specific business contracts such as as purchase, agency, lease, as well as employment. Duties and responsibilities of buyer and seller are clearly outlined as well as essential elements of such a contract. Creation of agency through various forms is also explained as well as duties and rights of the principal and agent. Winding up of such a contract has also been explained. The consummation of a contract of lease is explained with the duties of both the lessee and the lessor being clearly outlined. The book winds up by explaining the creation of employment contract and the duties of the employee and the employer in such a contract as well as winding of the contract.

MATERIAS: principles and practices in the legal issues in business, Business Law