• A Fresh Approach to “Pooling” and Insolvency. Better Management of Corporate Debt

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Born and educated in Canberra. Iain completed tertiary studies(Arts and Honours Law) at the Australian National University.Since then Iain has worked in the public and private sectors.Iain has also traveled extensively (Europe, Asia and the US) andspeaks several languages.)


This work on pooling in insolvency was based onresearch supervised at the Australian NationalUniversity. Its objectives are two fold. The first concernsdissecting and critiquing the concept of pooling. Theideas developed in the work shift the key focus ofpooling from an inquiry into the insolvent companiesthemselves to a focus on unsecured creditors. This shifted focus thereby addresses the subtlety ofhow the costs of corporate group insolvenciesactually impact on creditors. Additional analysis isdone through an interest’s analysis of the differentcategories of unsecured creditors. The second objective of the book is to consider theadequacy of Australian legislation and policy toassist developments in this field.

MATERIAS: substantive consolidation, corporate groups, Pooling, Insolvency, Business Law