• A comparative case study of multilateral interchange fee. The 2009 interchange fee decision of the Hungarian Competition Authority

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(Virag Ilona Blazsek earned her law degree from the Eotvos Lorand University of Budapest and her Master of Laws in International Business Law degree from the Central European University. She has been practicing law since 2005, she passed her bar examinations in 2008. Her main areas of interest are banking, competition, contract and commercial law.)


The competition law of the European Union and the competition law of each Member State are overlapping one another. The enforcement of competition law is divided between the Commission of the E.U. and the competition authority of each Member State, therefore, it is interesting and useful to compare decisions at the two levels dealing with the same or a similar topic. The present work compares the MasterCard Decision of the Commission of the E.U. and the 2009 decision of the Hungarian Competition Authority concerning multilateral interchange fees. It highlights the most important problems and critiques regarding the later decision.

MATERIAS: interchange fee, payment card, payment card systems, Two-sided markets, Case study, antitrust, European Payments Council, retail banking sector, Hungarian Competition Authority, "Competition Law