• The concept of contested rights between domain names owners & trademarks holders

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The economy has become the basis of life were the steady development of technology has reflected on all aspects of economy, especially in cyberspace which it has resulted in emergence of e-commerce where the stakeholders (owners of commercial service and companies) Make the most of the advantages offered by e-commerce, this quantum leap moved their business into unlimited cyberspace, where business became More global. The stakeholders had to take intuitive -as first step- to gain these benefits of cyberspace by choosing the domain name, but in some cases those stakeholders were unable to complete the proses of the registration because these domain names have become as property of others. This book sheds light over the concept of cyberspace as place of the conflict between the stake holders and explains the reasons behind the difficulty to define this concept accurately and tries to define the domain name’s term based on its legal and functional nature by using legal scientific approaches which help the legal section to deal with legal challenges of domain names in cyberspace.